Advantages Of An Air Charter For Business and Leisure |

On the face of it, air charter seems to be a luxury that high-flying corporate executives get as perks of the job. But look at it a little deeper, and turns out it’s actually a money-saver. The thing is that a top level executive’s time is very valuable, and each minute spent in an airport lounge is a lost minute for the company.

With each day and month, the situation at the airports is getting worse. Flight delays, airport security, missed connections and the exhausting experience of boarding a commercial flight all combine to wring the enthusiasm out of business travelers. An executive who turns up at an important meeting after such an experience can hardly be expected to be very effective.

The point here is that all that time spent is company time being wasted. So it’s safe to assume that it’s profitable for a company to allow the cream of its top level executives to hop around in private jets. But this doesn’t mean the company has to shell out big dollars to buy planes.

One of the more popular arrangements is called a fractional ownership system, where a person or company is one of many owners of the plane (usually between 2 to 8). The whole thing is managed by a fractional ownership company, which will have many planes of the same make and model. So when a company wants to use a plane, it just has to pay for the flight costs, including the fuel.

Other than the cost-savings of shared ownership, there are many more benefits. For example, passengers on commercial carriers can only fly to and from a limited number of big airports. An air charter, however, can fly to thousands of big and small airports, many of which are private.

This further reduces local transportation needs, and the time spent traveling. Plus, there are no delays for boarding or exiting. It is possible to drive right up to the plane and have the baggage loaded up right then and there. Pets, if any, can travel in the cabin.

Executives can travel in absolute comfort and get some good sleep. Or they can put in a few hours’ work with a laptop, wi-fi internet, videoconferencing, satellite phones and other tools. Some commercial carriers do offer some of these tools, but they cannot be used on account of a lack of privacy.

For personal use, it’s hard to justify air charter as a cost-saver, but there are situations where it can be a life-saver instead. Medical travel, for instance, is one such area where the patient might not want to ensure the agony of commercial flights. Elderly people and tourists unsure of being able to catch connecting flights may want to make their holiday experience more memorable and safe by taking a private jet instead.

It’s important to note here that prices for an air charter are not that high anymore, and it’s a lot closer to what’s considered acceptable spending while on vacation, similar to staying in a luxury hotel. Before booking a commercial flight ticket, just find out how much it would just for the same trip on a private jet. Most people are likely to end up surprised at how much cheaper it is than they thought it would be.

The Three ‘R’s’ of Family Travel Insurance |

The importance of a good family travel insurance policy can often be dismissed or ignored by busy travellers – sometimes it’s easy to ignore the issue than wade through the seemingly endless information and options. There are so many unfamiliar terms used in the literature, many of which can be unclear or confusing-terms such as premiums, pretermination, pre-existing conditions, secondary coverage, look back period, and so many others. However, when it comes to family travel insurance, the “big picture” concept needs to be considered.

Below, we present the three ‘R’s’ of family travel insurance – three of the most important words to keep in mind when searching for that elusive “ideal” policy.


Travel- and transportation-related technologies and services have advanced greatly during the last decade, and heading off on a journey has not only become significantly faster, cheaper, and more comfortable, but also a great deal safer. In addition, communication technologies have become omnipresent, opening opportunities in global business, networking, and even telecommuting. World travel is no longer a dream just for the rich and idle, and no experience is more fulfilling. However, no endeavour is ever risk-free, least of all this one – especially when children enter the equation. The risk is always there that something can go wrong, thereby interrupting your trip or even cancelling it. Family travel insurance covers you against financial loss in any unforeseen events.


Unfortunately, the related risk is not limited to financial loss. No matter how safe tourism has become or how careful you are, accidents can still occur and family members can fall ill. This is especially frightening if you are in foreign country where you don’t have access to your doctor or a medical clinic to receive attention. However, a good policy can give you true peace of mind should illness or accident occur. You will have speedy access to the appropriate medical treatment and services and, depending on your coverage, you may also be able to claim on expenses related to your medical emergency.


Going abroad requires a lot of planning, especially when travelling with the entire family. Just packing your luggage can, in itself, be a huge endeavour. In addition to basic necessities such as clothing and toiletries, you will also need to bring expensive electronic equipment and entertainment gadgets such as tablets and media players to keep the children entertained. Add in wallets, personal items such as watches and jewellery, and even expensive clothing and bags, and you could spend more time and energy keeping track of your belongings rather than keeping an eye on your children! Fortunately, with an appropriate policy you can opt to cover these expensive items, ensuring that, should they get damaged, lost, or even stolen, you can recover their full financial value.